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Large Corporate Entity

Marine Harvest Ireland

Marine Harvest Ireland is Ireland’s largest producer of farmed Atlantic Salmon. The Company was founded in 1979 by a group of Irish shareholders. In 1981, a 50/50 joint venture was established with A/S MOWI based in Bergen, Norway, and this greatly strengthened the Irish operation as it provided access to stock, technology and financial resources. Today we are part of the Marine Harvest Group, the world leading seafood company and largest producer of farmed salmon.
The first harvest of Atlantic salmon took place in 1984 from young salmon put to sea in 1982. By 1986 the company became self-sufficient with its own broodstock. Since then the company has grown rapidly and today we export over 85% of our product to countries all around the world including USA, France, Belgium, Italy, UK, Germany and Switzerland, Canada and the middle east.

Marine Harvest Ireland is Ireland’s leading farmer and processor of Atlantic salmon and is a subsidiary of the Marine Harvest ASA headquartered in Norway.The Marine Harvest Group is a global-force in aquaculture with 12,500 employees operating across 24 countries worldwide and servicing 70 markets across the globe. The company has operated successfully in Ireland for 38 years to employing over 290 people between its salmon farms and hatcheries in Donegal, Mayo, Cork and Kerry. We are part of Marine Harvest ASA which is one of the largest seafood companies in the world, and the world’s largest producer of Atlantic salmon.