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The Irish Ocean Literacy NetworkThe Irish Ocean Literacy Network had their network meeting in the wonderful Athlone Campus, Dr. Declan Devine and Dr. Ian Major were wonderful hosts and made the network feel so welcome.

The steering group had a brief meeting before joining the network for the INSPIRE presentation.

Rethinking our relationship with Plastic

The full presentation will be made available soon, but it was a very interesting discussion about plastic.

The network members come from a range of backgrounds and it was great to be in a room with people dedicated to our ocean. All members have a voice and our goals all link towards developing ocean literacy on our island.

In the next few weeks our work will be focused on adding new members to the group, so if you are interested in the ocean and would like to learn more about the network why not join us at the next meeting in January? Its a great networking opportunity and we would love to hear from you. Email us today and find out more.


SPECIAL INSPIRE talk on Plastics and Compostable Products by Dr.Declan Devine & Dr. Ian Major Inspire Project : researching more environmental friendly materials /plastics “Used food packing is often difficult to sort and clean, and that’s if it’s a simple one plastic sheet or container. The use of multiple plastics in the same film adds complexity to this process. Combined with the prohibitive cost, this can make recycling uneconomical. Through INSPIRE, we’ll create special compostable plastic that can be disposed of in the brown food waste bin. This will help create a circular economy that will reduce the quantity of plastic ending up in the landfill or the sea.”

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Plastics Talk