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CÚRAM, the Science Foundation Ireland Research Centre for Medical Devices at NUI Galway, are teaming up with the National Aquarium, (Galway Atlantaquaria) to showcase the science behind the shores of Galway Bay for Culture Night 2018. The event, ‘Sea-search: Marine Inspired Research’, will take place in conjunction with both Culture Night and Galway's first ‘Loving Galway – Celebrating our Green and Blue Spaces’ festival at Galway Atlantaquaria on Friday the 21st of September.

The Seasearch event will be an interactive, educational science investigation of the links between marine science and biomedical science. Researchers taking part in the event will talk about a range of research across these two fields currently underway in Galway, from microplastics and animal regeneration, to drug delivery and barnacle inspired glues!
The walk through the Salthill seascape will be followed by a trip to the Galway Atlantaquaria to learn about how marine life has inspired modern advances in medicine and technology.

Participants will meet at 5:45pm on Grattan beach.
Sea-search is an ideal family event where participants of all ages get to experience the worlds of medical and marine science and discover amazing facts and experiments designed to inspire the next generation of ‘Sea-searchers’.

All events are free for the public to attend, although parental or guardian guidance is required.

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