All Atlantic Blue Schools – Sharks of the Atlantic Webinar

Free Shark Webinar to connect schools across the Atlantic

Calling all shark enthusiasts, the All-Atlantic Blue Schools Network is pleased to invite you to the first in a series of free,
international webinars centered around our local Ocean, aimed at 9-12yr old’s, entitled ‘Sharks of the Atlantic’ , which will be led by shark experts to explore the topic in a fun and interactive way. The webinar will take place at 2-3pm on May 12th. Register here if join with your school:

Register to attend using the link above

Speakers will include:

Boris Worm, who is a marine biologist at Dalhousie University in Canada and an Ambassador for ocean literacy with the Ocean Frontier Institute. Boris will explore what we can learn from sharks, some of the oldest living creatures on Earth, and how we can share that knowledge with others.

Jenn Cotton, who is the Program and Outreach Manager for the Headwaters Science Institute. A graduate of the University of Central Florida, she has a passion for shark research and is the lead Education Ambassador for OCEARCH.

Bríd O’Connor, MSc. is a marine scientist specialising in shark and ray ecology. Join Bríd as she explorers the diversity of shark, ray, and skate species that can be found in Irish waters

Cat Gordon, who is Senior Conservation Officer for the Shark Trust, UK. Join Cat as  she explains how some sharks lay eggs, and how you can get involved with shark conservation by simply heading to the beach.

We hope schools will also use the opportunity to communicate with schools in Ireland, Wales, and on the other side of the Atlantic, in Canada and the USA too.

If you like this workshop, you are welcome to continue exploring Sharks of the Atlantic in your classroom. You will also be invited to join us for a follow up workshop on June 9th to showcase your work, and / or find out what other schools around the Atlantic have learned too.

We hope to see you there. If you have any questions, or would like more information on the All-Atlantic Blue Schools email the national coordinator Dr. Noirin Burke at Galway Atlantaquaria at

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