Young people looking for egg cases….

Marine Dimensions, Purse Search Ireland event #EMDinMyCountry

Citizen science is any activity that engages the community and allows the public to physically contribute to conservation efforts.


Public participation in citizen science was given a great boost by Dr. Sarah Varian of Marine Dimensions who facilitated a Purse Search Ireland activity on Ladies beach, Salthill for European Maritime Day, 2019.

The event attracted many families and young people who were shown a number of shark bio facts including shark teeth, shark skin and a number of mermaid’s purses. Once the participants had learned about our native shark species they were tasked with finding egg cases on the shore. During the egg hunt Purse Search Ireland activity, they found two Bull Huss eggs and a number of small Dogfish egg cases.

After the event we tasked the participants to continue the practise of seeking egg cases for collecting data on the prevalence of mermaid’s purses along our beaches by going to the website;

This #EMD event was coordinated between Marine Dimensions, Galway Atlantaquaria and the Explorers Education ProgrammeTM to encourage young people to engage with the shore and learn more about ocean literacy.

Written by IOLN admins

The Irish Ocean Literacy Network (IOLN) aims to bring together relevant institutes, agencies, researchers, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), non-governmental organisations (NGOs), individuals and educators who are working towards the vision of “achieving an ocean literate society across the island of Ireland”.

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