Galway Explorers team join EMSEA-ATLANTIC in World Cleanup Day

The Marine Institute Explorers Education team have joined marine scientists, teachers and educators that are members of European and US EMSEA – Atlantic network, in the World Cleanup Day (19th of September).

During the month of September, the EMSEA network members from Ireland, Azores, Portugal, USA and Canada are “taking part in beach cleanups at a local level with a focus on highlighting some of the prominent litter items frequently found on our seashores around the Atlantic,” said Evy Copejans, EMSEA Board Member.

The clean-up of a seashore can bring communities together, as well as enable volunteers to learn more about the marine animals and environment. It can also provide an opportunity to find the most extraordinary things washed up on the shore. In the past, EMSEA members have found messages in bottles, rubber ducks, bowling balls, and mini-boats that have drifted on currents across the Atlantic.

“Along with cleaning up washed up litter found on the shore, the EMSEA teams around the Atlantic will also be sharing the oddities and treasures discovered on beaches on social media #seawhatifound and #EMSEAAtlantic. On the west coast of Ireland, in Galway we often find buoys, fishing gear and sometimes items from halfway across the world,” explained Padraic Creedon, Outreach Officer at Galway Atlantaquaria.

“We are connected by the ocean in so many ways and recognize the importance of working together to ensure the ocean is sustained for our families, friends and future generations. Coastal clean-ups help us raise awareness about the connections we have and the influence the ocean has on us, as well as the impact we have on the ocean,” said Cushla Dromgool-Regan, Explorers Strategic Manager, Camden Education Trust and member of the EMSEA-Atlantic network.

World Cleanup Day harnesses the connection, cooperation and collaboration of people by bringing volunteers and partners together on one day to help rid mismanaged waste from our beaches, rivers and streets. Members of the EMSEA-Atlantic group will be hosting clean-up events and invite everyone to join them and share unique and interesting treasures by sharing on social media with #seawhatifound and #EMSEAAtlantic. For more information and to connect with EMSEA-Atlantic, please visit the EMSEA website at

The Explorers Education Programme is funded by the Marine Institute, Ireland’s state agency for marine research and development. For further information about the Explorers programme see

More information about EMSEA-Atlantic
EMSEA-Atlantic is a group of members of EMSEA that are connected by the Atlantic Ocean and work together to share information and projects.
Their current focus is on World Cleanup Day, which is on September 19, but is being be celebrated all month long. Some members have already hosted clean-ups, and more are to come. As part of this, the group is asking members to share their unique and interesting treasures by sharing on social media with #seawhatifound and #EMSEAAtlantic. The results will be shared here on the EMSEA website.

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