Goose Barnacles

Goose Barnacles on driftwood, Grattan beach, Salthill.

This January, beachwalkers got a wonderful surprise, as they gazed on the most unusual sight, and for most have never ever seen Goose barnacles in their life.

As we were searching for mermaids purses we were able to share the wonderful story of these wandering crustaceans with the public as they looked on in wonder at these wonders and invasive species.

They once thought these were Goose eggs, as they were often found attached to large branches and even though years later we learned the truth the name remains the same.

The log and Goose barnacles attracted so much attention from the locals, as it was only the second landing (recorded) in Salthill. The last recorded find in Salthill was on the 10 December, 2015.

Found by Caramia Photography.

We are so lucky to wander close to the shore and every now and again we find something that changes our understanding of life in the ocean.

To learn more about Goose barnacles there are many wonderful sites;


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