IOLN regional meeting and launch of the new book by Easky Britton both happening in Galway on the 21st of April

Everyone is invited to join two important events for the IOLN that will both happen on Friday the 21st of April in Galway.

First, the IOLN regional meeting for the province of Connacht will be hosted in the Clybaun Hotel in Knocknacarra from 10am to 4pm. If you are interested in attending it or hearing more about it, please contact the Secretariat at

Then at 6.30pm, the IOLN member Easkey Britton will be launching her last book titled ‘Ebb & Flow’ in Dubray Books in Galway City. Easkey is the author of successful books as ‘Saltwater in the blood’ (Watkins, 2021) and ’50 things to do by the sea’ (Pavilion, 2021). Besides being a writer, Easkey is also a surfer, artist, film maker, coach and marine social scientist, with a PhD in Environment and Society. A life-long surfer, she was taught to surf at the age of four, and she now channels her passion for the sea and surfing into social change. Her promotion of female surfing in Iran is explored in her TEDx talk “Just Add Surf” and the award-winning documentary Into the Sea.

“There is no better way to reconnect to the universal healing power of water than through stories—and there’s no better storyteller than Easkey Britton.”
— Dr. Wallace J Nichols, NYT bestselling author of Blue Mind

Blue health is a current buzzword but the quest to seek the healing benefits of water will fail if we approach water as just another resource or commodity. Ebb & Flow guides us in restoring a more intimate and sacred connection with the planet’s seas, rivers and lakes. It shows us how to become water protectors, and how to live with the flow and a more sensuous understanding of nature.
Indigenous science has always known that water is spirit, the source of all life. The story of our human life begins in water. Renewing our sacred relationship with water is essential if we are to heal the waters of the world and heal ourselves too.

From the insights of water protectors around the world, and Dr. Easkey Britton’s own learnings as a marine scientist and surfer, learn:

  • the crucial role water plays in the health of humans and the world itself;
  • water-inspired strategies to restore calm, reduce stress and soothe anxiety;
  • practices to forge a new relationship with water, from simple breathing and visualization;
  • exercises to undertaking a journey from a water source to the ocean;
  • how to create a culture of reciprocity and care with the environment.

“Swimming changed my life. Water—the touch, the splash, the cold, the flow—it is everything. The more connected we are to it, the more connected we are to everything. Thank you, Easkey, for this beautiful look at all that water is and can be.”
— Sarah Peck, Founder of Startup Parent and All-American Swimmer

The cover of the new book by Easkey Britton.

“Ebb & Flow successfully integrates the scientific wisdom of indigenous traditions, the voices of marginalized people, the latest in cutting-edge research and, of course, the author’s own dynamic perspective. It provokes awe, wonder and, despite the perilous situation, hope.”
— Professor Susan Prescott, MD, PhD, Director of the Nova Network

Key information about the book

  • Feminist perspective on power from a big-wave surfer who knows all about strength, resilience, courage and mental focus, and who has developed her own style of surfing that works with the cycles of nature instead of seeking to dominate.
  • Timely topic: current rising interest in cold water therapy, ranging from Wim Hof to a range of “blue health” initiatives to get people to connect with restorative water environments.
  • Important environmental message that water plays a crucial role in the health of humans and the world itself.
  • Compelling author bio: Easkey Britton is a highly endorsed writer, a pioneer of women’s big-wave surfing in Ireland, a marine scientist and a leadership coach.
  • Evocative illustrated chapter openers: the author’s own line drawings add a special extra dimension to the book.
  • Significant early interest in launch events being expressed by bookstores and literary festivals in the UK and USA.

“With the UN Ocean Decade underway and its defining aim to change humanity’s relationship with the ocean, the timing of this book and the storyteller behind it could not be more perfect. Britton challenges us all to mindfully redefine and passionately restore our connection to water, wellbeing and each other.”
— Diz Glithero, PhD, National Lead at the Canadian Ocean Literary Coalition

Extracts and serial rights are available. For press enquiries or to request review copies, please contact Laura Whitaker-Jones at

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