IOLN ‘We Are Islanders’ Campaign launch

IOLN intends to launch its first social media campaign, around the “We Are Islanders” theme on World Ocean’s Day (8th June 2019). 

(The Campaign was planned at the workshop held in Dublin City University on the 7th of May, 2019.

It is intended to roll out the campaign for the remainder of 2019. More details will follow about how to get involved and the planned activities.

For now, we are putting out a “Call to Action” from IOLN members to support the launch.

Request from IOLN Members

1)      IOLN Members to record videos of their staff and post to social media channels

We are encouraging IOLN members from across the network to record and post on their social media channels. In particular, we encourage this from members who:

–          Are attending marine events, or have stands or similar at such events

–          Can provide interesting backdrops such as the seaside, aquaria, or public-facing facilities such as museums

–          Note the Marine Institute are running a parallel campaign called “Go Atlantic Blue” and a lot of buildings will be going blue that day. Consider if you are able to record a video with a blue building in the background?

–          We are looking for poignant, everyday, and humorous 10-20 second snippets from both IOLN membership and members of the public on their connection to the ocean on the island of Ireland.

–        Content Guidelines are provided below.


–          Please upload your videos to social media in the run up to WOD or on 8th June.

              What to do with Videos?

–          Post to your social media channels on WOD and use the #WeAreIslanders @IOLNetwork

–          Later, send us your videos by emailing them to as we may use them to develop future campaign assets. Please note that by providing us with your content you are implying consent for IOLN to publish this content and possibly edit the video, e.g. by cutting it to only include a small section of your dialogue. If you do not consent to your video being edited, please let us know when sending.

2)      Capturing Videos from the public at Events (Seafest and WOD activities)

We are requesting members to record footage from members of the public, both at marine events and at your own public-facing facilities, where applicable.

AquaTT have  developed cut-out frames with the #WeAreIslanders hashtag visible, and these will be available at SEAFEST in Cork. Members attending this event can request these assets for use in their videos or images. 

Digital versions of the assets with the #WeAreIslanders hashtag visible, are available for you to get printed locally for a low cost.

  1. IOLN campaign props 600x210mm (for external printing only)
  2. IOLN campaign props A3 (for internal printing)
  3. IOLN campaign props A4 (for internal printing)

Later in the year, we hope to publish one to two videos for the campaign. It is hoped some of the content produced through this initial launch of “We Are Islanders” will contribute to that.

Involving the public

Please note that consent from the public is not implied and must be collected. For our purposes, verbal consent is sufficient. This can be informally requested prior to recording, and can be included at the beginning of the clip as a record.

What to do with Videos you record of the public?

–          Post to your social media channels on WOD and use the #WeAreIslanders @IOLNetwork

Content Guidelines

The strategy is for members or the public to share short messages about their experience as an islander and their relationship with the ocean.

When recording your message:

–          If possible, do so with an ocean setting or a marine ‘prop’ in the background

–          Speak enthusiastically and with energy – we want to show just how much we love the ocean!

–          If requesting a message from the public, encourage them to be enthusiastic. The best way to do that is to lead by example!

–          Please leave a 5 second gap at the start and end of your recording, and 2-3 seconds between each line, to facilitate editing

–          Please record your video in landscape mode only

Message Options

When asking the public to record a message, please feel free to provide prompts to encourage stronger responses, as some members of the public may be a bit hesitant when placed on the spot.

Questions for the public

  1. How often do you visit Ireland’s coast?
  2. Tell us about your last trip to Ireland’s coast
  3. Tell us about an Irish beach story or a memory you have from a visit to the Irish Seashore.

If you are getting a limited response from the individual you could ask them instead to say “we are islanders!” or “we love the ocean!” for the recording.

We look forward to working with you all on this throughout 2019,

Kind Regards, The Secretariat.

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