Irish Ocean Literacy Network delighted to attend the European Maritime Day Conference 2021

At the heart of European Maritime Day is a 2-day conference, which will take place this year on the 21st and 22nd of May. High level plenary sessions including inspirational speakers and leadership exchanges  and stakeholders’ workshops attract delegates and experts from across Europe and beyond.

European Maritime Day 2021 is going hybrid and organisers are planning a mix of digital and physical formats. Most probably a limited number of participants will be able to attend the conference and it will be easier than ever to join the event, from anywhere in Europe.

While plenary sessions on maritime policy will take place in Den Helder and will be livestreamed, most stakeholders’ workshops, including the Irish Ocean Literacy Network event will be run virtually via video conferencing (Zoom or similar tool).

Check out the provional programme and workshop list below.

IOLN Workshop for EMD 2021: Ocean literacy through visualisation and storytelling: local, regional and international examples

The IOLN workshop will explore best practices used in current ocean literacy initiatives and present some of
the most inspiring ocean literacy “stories”. Participants will share knowledge and expertise, and
discuss the future of ocean literacy in Europe. We will explore how can we connect and build an integrated ocean literacy movement in the EU? Using the example of local youth projects, national programmes and the European Atlas of the Seas, the official digital mapping tool of DG MARE dedicated to ocean literacy, we will discuss this question.

IOLN members who would like to assist or take part in this workshop please email

For more information on EMD 2021 see

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