IWDG Launch Ireland’s Blubber Book; Flukes Junior Vol 1 an educational resource for primary school children

The Irish Whale and Dolphin Group advocate for a better understanding of cetaceans and their habitats through education and research. We believe that the first step in becoming an ocean literate and informed society, starts with our youngest citizens. We are delighted to announce a new educational resource for young and aspiring marine biologists, Ireland’s Blubber Book; Flukes Junior Vol 1 is a comprehensive workbook on cetaceans found in Irish waters for primary school children aged between 9-12.  

This book was created to support the aims of the National Strategy on Education for Sustainable Development. By equipping learners with the relevant knowledge (the what), the key dispositions and skills (the how) and the values (the why), it will motivate and empower them throughout their lives to become informed active citizens, who take action for a more sustainable blue future. 

Teachers can use this resource in a classroom setting, by going through the content and worksheets themselves. The IWDG are also happy to facilitate virtual workshops, making the experience even more interactive and engaging. Interested schools can contact the IWDG education and outreach officer Sibéal at education@iwdg.ie to enquire about using this new book in their classroom. 

Alternatively, the book is available on the IWDG shop on www.iwdg.ie  for children to enjoy learning about whales and dolphins from home. 

IWDG would especially like to thank Inis, Energy of the Sea, for sponsoring the development of this book, and the  Irish Ocean Literacy Network member John Joyce, for donating his beautiful illustrations and cartoons. 

Join the Online Launch

Online launch on the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group Facebook page live @ 11am Thursday 28th January

For more information contact Sibéal Regan at outreach@iwdg.ie 

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