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Our Steering Group of 2019.

Our steering group represents a wide and diverse group of Ocean Literacy advocates. The group meet four times a year to plan the actions of the network.

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Marine Dimensions

Introducing Marine Dimensions,

Marine Dimensions is a community driven enterprise which is dedicated to marine environmental education, research and conservation.

Our mission is to enhance understanding and appreciation of marine biodiversity through education, research and community based participation.

We run workshops and courses for kids, teens and adults through our Ocean School programme. Our marine biologists (and sea creatures!) regularly visit schools and attend public events. We also run summer camps, citizen science projects and community based research programmes.

Our team is made up of a small but dedicated group of people who are passionate about our marine heritage and the benefits it can bring to communities. Our director, Dr. Sarah Varian, is widely recognised as a marine education specialist, having featured on Ireland’s popular Living the Wildlife TV nature series.

Learn more, see; Marine Dimensions