Neptunus Project looking to collaborate with seafood and aquaculture companies in Ireland

The project, NEPTUNUS, looks at developing datasets which can be used in the formation of an eco-label for seafood and aquaculture products using a life cycle assessment (LCA) approach (one of the better known aspects of LCA is the carbon footprint).

They are currently looking to speak and collaborate with seafood and aquaculture companies to develop these life cycle datasets through a questionnaire process. This questionnaire would require an afternoon (1 – 1.5 hours) of your time to complete and with the information given we can produce a report for you, either a full LCA or a carbon footprint. The report can have a narrow or a large scope and can focus on the processes at your site or include stages back through the supply chain to the capturing of the raw material. The image below gives an overview of the scopes which can be applied:

Such a report may prove useful for your company either in certification schemes, marketing or benchmarking your process and the identification of hotspots in the production or supply chain.

If your company would be interested in taking part in this project or would like to discuss the prospect of taking part please contact Sinead Mellett, IOLN member at

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