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Building climate action locally: tools from the CCAT project

The Irish Ocean Literacy Network is delighted to share (for a limited time) these wonderful Science Week videos. Click on the images to view.

Special thanks to Science Foundation Ireland for supporting the production and presentation of Science.

Marine Medicine: What the Ocean Can Do for Your Health!
Ocean Challenges: How do we monitor the ocean? with Galway Atlantaquaria
Peter Kane, teacher with Padraic Creedon of the Explorers Education Programme, Christine Loughlin, Marine Institute and Kieran Reilly, Marine Institute with 6th class students (from the same pod) Rosie Dolan, Olivia Cotton, Ruby Glynn, Naomi Faulkner, Sophie Kelly from Kilglass National School in Co Galway delivered their 1.5 metre unmanned mini sailboat called ‘Seoltóir Na Gaillimhe – the Galway Sailor’ to the Marine Institute’s research vessel, RV Celtic Explorer, in Galway Harbour. Marine Institute scientists will deploy the mini-boat from the RV Celtic Explorer into the Atlantic Ocean, near the M6 Weather Buoy, during the Atlantic In-situ Marine Scientific Infrastructure Replacement survey. Photo: Andrew Downes xposure
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The 5th and 6th class students from Kilglass National School (below, middle) in Galway, Ireland’s boat, Seoltóir Na Gaillimhe (“GALWAY SAILOR”) was named to honor their fishing traditions, and the boat was decorated with meaningful images and symbols of good luck. After 46 days at sea, their boat broke our miniboat record for northernmost vessel, reaching latitude 67.98N in the Lofoten Islands, Norway on July 18 (below, right). 

The Kilglass National School also received certification as one of the European Blue Schools in Ireland for implementing this project. The Network of European Blue Schools (EU4Ocean Coalition for ocean literacy) is dedicated to the enhancement of Ocean curriculum in European schools as well as bridging the gap between schools and ocean professionals with the intention of establishing more ocean literate and responsible citizens.
Read the Marine Institute Press Release below

Click on the link (image) to register for the Coastwatch Autumn Survey.
The 8th Atlantic Stakeholders Platform Conference (ASPC 2021)  is now open for registrations! ASPC 2021 will be a hybrid event organised with the Irish Presidency of the Atlantic Strategy Committee. It will take place in Dublin, Ireland and online.

InEVal and HYDROfish Consumer and Market Analysis

EUROGOOS talk Ocean Decade
Delighted to speak about Seafest and the #weareislanders campaign

Download the report here:

Irish Whale and Dolphin Group launches Ireland’s Blubber Book
West Cork Ocean Plastics Project launches new website
Other Voices and Clean Coasts, Our Coasts Our Voices event.held at Dingle Aquarium
IOLN members showcase the Ocean for Science Week 2020

NEPTUNUS Project seeks collaborations with from seafood companies in Irleand


The Explorers Education Programme join EMSEA Atlanitc Beach Clean 2020
International Coastal Clean Up Month – Ocean Conservancy  Northern Ireland explain how you can get involved
Webinar on microplastics in Galway Bay – Join Joao and his collegues from the Galway Mayo Institiute of Technology
How to get involved in Explore Your Shore! Funded by Biodiversity Ireland and the Environmental Projection Agency
Feedback request for the EU Atlas Project educational Resources
Sustainable Islands – connecting locally and globally
Help needed on Carlingford Lough Project
Stories from the Waterside published for National Heritage Week 2020
The Geological Survey Ireland, 175 years 1845-2020

The GSI Short Call, 2020 – Funding for projects