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Ocean Literacy Resources

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Irish Ocean Literacy Goals
Guiding Principle and goals of the Network

Ocean Literacy principles and fundamental concepts

There are seven Ocean Literacy principles and the complementary Scope and Sequence is comprised of 28 conceptual flow diagrams. The Ocean Literacy principles remain a work in progress; they reflect our efforts to date defining ocean literacy.
Ocean Literacy Principles, 2020
Updated Ocean Literacy Principles, 2020

The Ocean Agency- We provide FREE imagery to support ocean conservation efforts.

Ocean Agency diver in the ocean.
Click on the link to learn more about the Ocean Agency and its work.
The SEVEN principles of Ocean Literacy
Marine Litter Checklist from Bord Iascaigh Mhara

Download the Marine Litter poster (link below)


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Steps For A Change

Steps for a change production, this brings you to YouTube.
Click on the link to see the wonderful production ‘Steps for a change’


Ocean Literacy Portal

For a comprehensive and deep library of ocean literacy education, resources and more see;

Atlas of the Ocean

Please note this is a heavy data site and may take time to load on mobile devices, for help on using the Atlas please go to; Help using Atlas

Love The Ocean Campaign

Get involved, Love the Ocean

It’s easy to say we love the Ocean, but for many of us, our everyday actions tell a different story. Seas of plastic, declining fish stocks and ocean acidification are just some examples of the destruction caused to the ocean by our everyday activities, which also have a profound effect on our health and wellbeing. Our relationship with the ocean has become toxic and one-sided. After all, the ocean cares for us in many real ways. It provides us with more oxygen than all the world’s rainforests combined – that’s almost every second breath, provided by the ocean. It also cares for us through climate regulation, food, medicines and a variety of recreational opportunities.

EC H2020-funded project advancing the concept of Ocean Literacy in Europe to engage citizens to take direct and sustainable action towards healthy seas.

Love the Ocean resources

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SmartBay Observatory Live Data from the Ocean

Tide image
Click on the image to see what lies beneath the waves.

The SmartBay Observatory is a national shared marine research, test and demonstration facility located on the seabed off the coast of Spiddal, Co. Galway.

The observatory facilitates the development of cutting-edge marine renewable energy and marine ICT products and services.

This is done through the trial and validation of novel marine sensors, prototype equipment and the collection and dissemination of marine data to national and international users of the facility. Follow the live feed here;

Smartbay Underwater Live Feed.
Free Maps and more

INFOMAR (Integrated Mapping for the Sustainable Development of Ireland’s Marine Resource) is a twenty year programme to map the physical, chemical and biological features of Ireland’s seabed. INFOMAR is funded by the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment (DCCAE), and delivered by joint management partners Geological Survey Ireland and the Marine Institute. The programme has placed Ireland centre-stage as global leaders in marine stewardship, seabed mapping and development of marine resources.

by Doug McKenzie-Mohr PhD

The cornerstone of sustainability is behavior change. Sustainability requires that we tackle diverse goals, such as increasing water and energy efficiency, protecting water quality and biodiversity, reducing waste, and altering transportation choices. If we are to hasten the transition to a sustainable future we must encourage the adoption of a wide array of behaviors that support these goals. Download the CBSM document to learn more…

Download by clicking the CBSM link below.

Videos from our Network

Dr. Easkey Britton NUI Galway

A Lunar Cycle – Dr. Easkey Britton


Fusing cold water surfing, dance & poetry, Easkey Britton explores a synodic month from a female perspective. Taking us on an emotive journey through the places in-between, where instability reigns supreme. Embracing the imperfections as we connect with ourselves and the environment around us.

Winner Best Short Film – Shoreshots Surf Film Festival 2018
Winner Best Cinematography – San Diego Surf Film Festival 2018
Winner Best Cinematography – Richard Harris International Film Festival 2018
Winner Best Short Film – Save the Waves Film Festival 2018

Stories from the sea: Linking Oceans and Human Health

Easkey is the first woman in Europe to be nominated for the Global WSL Big Wave Awards but there is more to Easkey than surfing. A marine social scientist, academic and social activist, with a PhD in Environment and Society, Easkey is always one to look in places others aren’t for the answers to difficult questions. Her curiosity and passion for fairness and gender equality are the qualities that draw others to her.

Currently, Easkey is based at Whitaker Institute as a post-doctoral research fellow with the EU-Horizon 2020 project Seas, Oceans and Public Health in Europe (SOPHIE), a pan-European project exploring how to link oceans & human health research.

Social Media;

Twitter handles: @easkeysurf, @OceansHealthEU

Project website:

Ken O’Sullivan
REFLECTIONS – of an underwater cameraman

REFLECTIONS – of an underwater cameraman

Sea Fever Productions located in Lahinch on Ireland’s Atlantic seaboard.

We produce natural history, wildlife and creative documentaries.

After working for several years as a freelance underwater cameraman, Ken O’Sullivan set up Sea Fever Productions in 2006 with Katrina Costello to produce wildlife & creative documentaries.

We produced our first feature documentary film, ‘Sea Fever’ in 2007 ( to great critical acclaim, winning the ‘Best Cameraman’ award at the Moscow Sports Film Festival in 2009.

In 2018 we produced ‘Ireland’s DEEP ATLANTIC’, a hugely ambitious ocean natural history series searching for blue whales and cold water coral reefs in the deep waters of the North Atlantic, documenting habitats and whale and shark behaviour for the first time ever.

In 2017 we produced The Silver Branch a creative feature-length documentary about Burren poet-farmer Patrick McCormack and our ancient connection with landscape in Ireland. The Silver Branch won the International Audience Award at HotDocs in Toronto in 2018, North America’s largest documentary film festival.

In 2014 we produced ‘Ireland’s Ocean’ a four part Irish wildlife series for RTÉ documenting dolphins, sharks, stingrays and the myriad of wonderful and colourful creatures in the temperate seas around Ireland. One of the first documentaries in Europe shot with the RED Epic 5K camera underwater the series was also designed, mixed and mastered in full 5.1 surround sound.

In 2011 we completed ‘Farraigí na hÉireann’ a six part Irish Ocean Wildlife Series, the first of its kind ever produced in Ireland, for Irish language broadcaster TG4. The series won the ‘Special Jury Remi Award’ at the Worldfest Houston Film Festival in Oceanography / Marine Biology.

For further information email us at

Links to Redrose development
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Download the Biodiversity toolkit for communities............
Download the Biodiversity toolkit for communities


All of the concepts of Ocean Literacy can be found here; Ocean Literacy Defined

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