Ocean Plastic Project hits the shores of West Cork

Founded in 2018, the West Cork Ocean Plastics Project is the brainchild of Irish Ocean Literacy Network member Rory Jackson.

The project, which works with transitional year students from a number of secondary schools in the local area, is researching the types of plastic being washed up on our beaches, to establish where it is coming from. Students are also encouraged to look at new ways to reduce the use of plastic in their daily lives and maybe, one day, develop, other commercially viable options.

Some of the materials have been used to create art and Rory hopes the project will help develop students awareness and problem solving skills and critical thinking around the topic ever increasing problem, which is marine litter on our shores.

Rory has also be working to grow the project, activly recruiting more schools and students year on year, and recently had an article in the Southern Star to help share information about the project.

With the Ocean Plastics Project now registered as a not for profit company, Rory hopes to be able to expand the projects reach and scope. A recent donation of €3,030 from the Save our Skibbereen fund will allow for the development of the Oceans Plastic Project website and the purchase of tablets so the students can immediately upload their findings.

‘The Oceans Plastic Project is just one of a number of environmental projects that have benefited  from that fund,’ Rory noted ‘We intend to put it to good use by helping to make a difference here in West Cork.’

Check out the Ocean Plastic Project on facebook or the newly launched Ocean Plastic Project Website for more info.

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