Other Voices at Oceanworld Dingle Aquarium

Oceanworld Dingle was the venue for some gorgeous songs inspired by the wonderful world of the sea, by Paul Noonan from Bell X1, as part of the Other Voices and Clean Coasts, Our Coasts Our Voices event. This years edition was entitled ‘The Salty Kazoo Takes To The Seas’ and was live streamed on Saturday 5 December on YouTube, Facebook + Twitter.

Our Coasts Our Voices is a collaborative, creative educational project which uses music, spoken word and interactive workshops to explore our waterways, coastline, ocean and marine life.

This fun, interactive + family friendly live stream was delivered from the Dingle Aquarium featuring Paul Noonan + Ray Foley of Clean Coasts.

The event included an open call for drawings of sea creatures which Paul Noonan turned into songs for the show, which you can watch here:

Why not try this out in your home over Christmas, to see what music your family can create that’s inspired by the Sea.

Our Coasts Our Voices was brought to you in partnership with Clean Coasts #2minutebeachclean

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