Seasearch Ireland, Annual Report 2018

2019 sees Seasearch Ireland celebrating 10 years of marine recording. In 2018 Seasearch ran an algae specialist workshop, a general identification specialist course, 2 Observer courses and 1 Adopt a Site workshops. In 2018 74 Seasearch forms were submitted from 62 sites by 17 recorders broken down into 48 Observer and 26 Surveyor forms. The National Marine Monitoring Scheme received 64 forms from 10 sites contributing 1963 records of 216 distinct species. The 2018 figures increase the number of species records collected by Seasearch recorders above 56,000 and make it the 17th largest publicly available biodiversity dataset in Ireland. This is a testament to the hard work of all those who’ve contributed to Seasearch activities in Ireland in the last ten years.

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To learn more about its work see; Irish Diving Council

Written by IOLN admins

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