Take part in a Free online lesson in Sustainability while contributing to Sustainability Education Research with NUIG

Would you like to take part in a free informative online lesson in sustainability, and, by participating, also contributing to valuable research in how best to teach sustainability? If so, IOLN member Caroline Brennan, a PhD Researcher in the School of Computer Science, NUIG, would be very be grateful for your help.

What exactly is sustainability?
The Free online lesson illustrates two classic historical examples of un-sustainability – the overshoot and collapse of the Kaibab deer population in the USA in the 1920s, and the Grand Banks cod fishery collapse in Canada in 1992.
Learn what went wrong and how such systems can be turned around to a sustainable state, and at the same time help researchers at the National University of Ireland Galway find more effective approaches to teaching sustainability.

Section on the online sustainability course.

How to take part:

Sign up here: https://www.sustainabilityeducation.ie/.

The learning is done individually and entirely online in one session and should take between 50 minutes and one hour 40 minutes, depending on which sections you will see (the research is testing several approaches and these are allocated randomly). This research is investigating whether Systems Thinking and/or interactive simulation make a difference, and it builds on the Ocean Literacy work that Caroline and her colleagues recently published here: https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fmars.2019.00360/full.

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