The new series of online and in-person trainings organised by Seasearch Ireland kicks-off in February

Seasearch Ireland is about to start a new season of trainings aimed at enhancing individual recording ability or species identification skills of divers, snorkelers, and any other interested people who want to learn more and help protect the marine environment around the coasts of Ireland.

The first talk is titled ‘Seasearch data: the whole journey’ and will be on the 8th of February at 8pm. This talk will give an introduction to Seasearch, which is a citizen-science project around Britain and Ireland for divers and snorkellers. Angus Jackson, the Seasearch data officer will provide some background to the project and describe what it does. He will then explain the complex journey between collection and application of the data, and then illustrate the great value of Seasearch with examples of the many important ways in which the data are being used. To register, follow the link

The next talk is scheduled for Wednesday the 15th of February again at 8pm, at it will be all about ‘Gobies, Gurnards and Dragonets – small fish puzzlees’. Lin Baldock, Seasearch co-ordinator and fish ID expert, will provide the attendees with pointers to identifying some common, small Irish fishes. This talk is aimed at those already relatively comfortable with identifying small fish to genus in the water and assumes that participants are able to recognise these three groups. The session will consist of a talk and Q&A. The registration link is

Both online talks are for free. To stay up to date with the trainings offered by Seasearch Ireland, and to learn more about the citizen science projects they carry out, follow them on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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