West Cork Ocean Plastic Project

Oceans Plastic Project was started 2 years ago to research the plastic waste along the Atlantic and Irish seacoasts of Ireland.

Primarily starting in West Cork working together with the Transition /4th year Secondary School Students.

We now have 3 School involved in the project and we are collecting all kinds of data from micro plastics to larger more upcycled plastic, also including water samples and building up a knowledge base of the worst affected areas.

The aim of the project is teaching marine knowledge as well as build up a picture of the scale of the plastic waste in our seas.

Collecting the plastic recycling, upcycling using the waste in art and design project in the schools and potentially inventing new products to deal and manage the plastics to prevent them from entering the marine environment particularly in the commercial sector which is proving to the worst of the material found.

Rory Jackson Oceans Plastics Project June 2020

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