World Sailing Sustainability Education Programme

Irish Sailing is excited to introduce the World Sailing Sustainability Education Programme.

The programme has been developed with The Ocean Race for use by sailing clubs and parents as part of it the World Sailing Agenda 2030 – sailing’s commitment to global sustainability.

The Sustainability Education Programme materials were developed with The Ocean Race, capitalising on the success of their own programme in the 2017-2018 edition of the race, and have been split into six topics each comprising of a booklet, trainer’s guide and worksheet for age groups 6-8, 8-10 and 10-12.

This programme dovetails perfectly with the Irish Sailing Cara na Mara programme of sailing skills, seamanship, environmental awareness and science. The Cara na Mara is also a series of 4 courses for 6 to 10 year olds, both on the water and shoreside, and it ties in with the Irish National School curriculum.

Irish Sailing is now developing the programme further to include these fantastic resources from World Sailing and bring much sought after additional material for Irish Sailing training centres and clubs to use for connecting their sailing skills building to sustainability and caring for the environment.

Sustainability Education Programme resources are free to use and are broken down into six topics:

1. Race with World Sailing, learn about different kinds of events and boats – available now:
– Booklet
– Trainers Guide
– Worksheets

2. Resources & Climate Change – available now:
– Booklet
– Trainers Guide
– Worksheets

Coming soon …

3. Navigating Wildlife & Biodiversity – available from 6 May
4. Reducing Waste – available from 13 May
5. Oil & Fuel – available from 20 May
6. Boat Cleaning & Maintenance – available from 27 May

The materials will ensure the next generation of sailors learn about wider environmental issues that can affect the sport as well as those areas where the sport can make a positive impact.

The theme throughout is combining key sailing terminology with environmental issues whilst learning about some of the exciting events and boats in the sport that can inspire the next generation of sailors.

Sustainability Agenda 2030

Ratified at World Sailing’s 2018 Mid-Year meeting in London, World Sailing’s Sustainability Agenda 2030 outlines how the sport will contribute to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. The Sustainability Agenda 2030 is split up into World Sailing’s six main operational areas with a total of 56 different targets. The targets range from participation to gender equality, water quality to single-use plastic.

Supported by the International Olympic Committee and World Sailing’s partners, delivery of the Sustainability Agenda 2030 will be ongoing with various timeframes for achievement of the targets.

See the World Sailing Sustainability Agenda here

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