World Water Day 2021 – focus on the value of water and Reimagining Irish Rivers.

Water is a vital natural asset and resource that means different things to different people. World Water Day on March 22 highlights the value of clean water by asking:

“What does water mean to you?”

That is an important question, because we all have a part to play in protecting and managing our wetlands, lakes, rivers, estuaries, and coasts.

As farmers and fishers, foresters and builders, households and businesses, communities and local authorities. We use water every day, yet we are often unaware that water is under pressure from our actions and activities. But, if water is under pressure, nature is under pressure, and so too are we. We need to value water for the asset and resource that it is. A secure and prosperous future depends on steady access to clean and healthy water.  

The Local Authority Waters Programme (LAWPRO) is leading a fresh approach on behalf of local authorities to better manage the natural waters of Ireland.

Key to this approach is collaboration between local authorities, State agencies, and water stakeholders. The aim is to identify sources of pollution and issues affecting water quality and act to resolve them. LAWPRO also supports local communities to get involved in enhancing their local water environment. For further information contact LAWPRO at or visit and Facebook @LAWPROteam

To mark World Water Day this year, a conference called Reimagining Irish Rivers will take place online via Zoom on March 22 & 23. This two-day event will feature leading experts, practitioners, and community groups connected with rivers. There will be opportunities for deeper participation and discussion during Q&A sessions.

To register for free and to download the programme visit 

or register direct at

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