Your IOLNetwork and the Future

Our Steering Group Members, 2020

Working towards an Ocean Literate Society

IOLN Steering Group Conference call and Face to Face.

As the Secretariat made its way to the Environmental Research Unit in UCCork we were thinking about how far the IOLN has come since its inception. This network of ocean heroes has got some great support from its SG (Steering Group) and we could not grow this ocean family without thier support. Our FOUNDATION is strong and we are on a rising tide of positivity.

Thank you Aoife Deane for hosting our meeting.


The IOLN members are our greatest asset though, during the meeting we discussed a number of ideas on how to connect with members and give them a platform to reach new audiences and complete thier objectives.


All of our members have the opportunity to connect with the whole network with the unique Collaboration Form, once this form is complete it is sent out to every network member.

The Value of Membership

What is the value of joining the IOLN? During the meeting we discussed the value of membership, see the benifits below;

  • To create a sustainable network of ocean literacy champions on the island of Ireland
  • To facilitate collaboration, sharing and coordination of marine outreach and ocean literacy projects on the island of Ireland
  • To maintain a facilitator who will act as a central contact and dissemination point for the network
  • To generate ideas to support initiatives and collaboration opportunities between network members
  • To support and grow the membership of the network by creating a vibrant and active network of members
  • To provide a platform for engagement with relevant stakeholders

As you can see being a member has so many opportunities and we are always looking for new members to grow the IOLNetwork. If you would like to join please CONTACT US TODAY.

The Future of IOLN

The Steering Group and Secretariat are very proud and passionate about the future for the IOLN. The importance of the ocean and an informed ocean literate public is too important to lose. Please join us, start advocating about the value of ocean literacy, share your stories and together we can grow. #WeAreIslanders

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.

Margaret Meade

Written by IOLN admins

The Irish Ocean Literacy Network (IOLN) aims to bring together relevant institutes, agencies, researchers, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), non-governmental organisations (NGOs), individuals and educators who are working towards the vision of “achieving an ocean literate society across the island of Ireland”.

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